Elecfreaks mBot Robot Board for the BBC micro:bit

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Elecfreaks mBot Robot Board for the BBC micro:bit
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Product Description

Elecfreaks mBot Robot Board for the BBC micro:bit

Convert your mBot V1.1 from Arduino to a micro:bit controller with the Elecfreaks mBot Robot Board, a control board for a smart car based on the BBC micro:bit that is compatible with the mBot.

Except for the integration of the simple and convinient RJ25 connector´╝îmotor connector and sensor, this mBot Robot control board has added 4 DC motor connectors, 2 stepping motor connectors(same with 4 DC motor connectors) and 8 PWM signal output connectors.

You can use it to drive PWM signal driving devices like servos with the 8 G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks). The mBot Robot Board can realize all current basic functions of the mBot.


  • Compatible with MBOT chassis and sensors
  • Support 4 channels of DC motors and 2 channels of stepping motors
  • 8 PWM signal output connectors
  • 8 G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick)
  • 4 G-5V-S analog signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick)
  • Integrate frequently used modules like buzzer's, rainbow LED's, light sensor's, infrared send and receive

Pins & Connectors

Quick Start

Hardware Connection

Fix robit onto mbot car.
Connect left motor to M1 port, and right motor to M2 port.
Once completed, it looks like the following picture showed.


Click to open makecode, search the key word "robit" and add robit package.

Write your code to make the car forever move forth and back for 3 seconds respectively. Here's the code:

You can see the whole program from the link here: https://makecode.microbit.org/_aXVAyx3dm585
Also, you can download the code directly here


  • DC Power Input Voltage: DC 3.7-6V
  • Li-battery Input Voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V
  • USB Recharging Current: 500mA
  • Extendable Analog IO Ports: 4
  • Extendable Digital IO Ports: 10
  • Max Stepping Motor Driven Quantity: 8
  • DC Motor: 4 Channels
  • Stepping Motor 2 Channels
  • Programmable LED Beads: 2
  • Passive Buzzer: Support
  • Photocell Sensor: Support
  • Infrared Receive: Support
  • Infrared Send: Support
  • Net Weight: 46g


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