BBC micro:bit EX - 100 Pack

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BBC micro:bit EX - 100 Pack
The BBC micro:bit Go is great but we know you need a little extra at times, so we have put together the BBC micro:bit EX


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Product Description

BBC micro:bit EX - 100 Pack


100x BBC micro:bit board with Quick Start Guide - A pocket-sized codeable computer which is super easy to use and can be used across the curriculum.
100x Braided USB Cable 1m (8cm is just not long enough) - A Braided Aluminum Micro USB Data & Sync Charger Cable Cord.
100x Battery Cage with switch (BBC micro:bit Go cage doesn't have a switch) - The JST connector easily plugs into the BBC micro:bit to provide a portable power supply.
400x AAA Batteries (BBC micro:bit Go includes only 2) - Long lasting, dependable power across a wide range of everyday applications.
Packs & Bundles for The BBC micro:bit
Accessories for the BBC micro:bit
Kitronik Inventors Kit 
SparkFun Arcade Kit
Boson Starter Kit
SparkFun Weather Station
Monk Makes Electronics Kit
Elecfreaks Tinker Kit
SparkFun weather:bit
Monk Makes Sensor Board
Elecfreaks Sonar:bit
Monk Makes CO2 Sensor
SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor
Elecfreaks Sensor:bit
DF Robot Boson Expansion Board
SparkFun Breakout Board
Elecfreaks Breadboard Adapter
SparkFun gamer:bit
Elecfreaks Breadboard Kit
Monk Makes Relay for the BBC micro:bit
Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64
SparkFun gator:bit v2.0
Elecfreaks Edge:bit
Kitronik Mi:power board
CR2032 Coin Battery
Pro-Elec Alkaline Batteries
Alligator Clips with 2.1 DC Power plug
USB to Micro Braided Cable (100cm)
2x AAA Battery Cage with JST connector & switch
Alligator Clips & Lead -10 Pack
Elecfreaks Power Supply Module
Elecfreaks 3V Vertical Water Pump
4tronix Bit:Bot
Elecfreaks Joystick:bit
Kitronik :Move mini Buggy
SparkFun moto:bit
Kitronik 16 Servo Driver Board
Elecfreaks Motor:bit
Feetech Micro Servo
DF Robot Max:Bot
Monk Makes Servo
Elecfreaks mBot Robot Board
Monk Makes Servo Kit
DF Robot micro: Maqueen
Kitronik ZIP Halo
300 Piece LED Kit
Monk Makes 7-Segment Display
Monk Makes RGB LED
Kitronik STOP:bit
Kitronik Electro-Fashion Sewable ZIP LED
Kitronik LAMP:bit
Kitronik ZIP Hex LED
DF Robot Circular RGB LED Expansion Board
Monk Makes Speaker for micro:bit
Audio Cable for micro:bit
3V Piezo Buzzer
Kitronik :KLEF Piano
Kitronik 0.25W 8 Ohm 40mm Thin Speaker
Elecfreaks Clear Case
Kitronik Mi:pro Case
Kitronik Mi:pro Case for the Mi:power board
Kitronik Electro-Fashion Sewable ZIP LED
Kitronik Electro Fashion E-Textiles Kit
Wearables Class Kit
BBC micro:bit
BBC micro:bit Go
BBC micro:bit EX

Download our Updated BBC micro:bit Accessory Guide

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