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PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit
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Product Description

PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit

The PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit helps you explore velocity, acceleration, position, forces, momentum, magnetism, pressure, energy, and more! The kit includes a cart you can assemble in a few minutes, and other accessories to perform several experiments.

The PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit give you the materials needed to do the specific activities listed below. The PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit works well with either PocketLab One or PocketLab Voyager. You can find ideas for dozens and dozens of other PocketLab activities here. PocketLab is also great for investigating your own scientific questions with authentic data collection.

Please note this kit includes the PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit car & materials, PocketLab One is not included.

Kit Includes

  • 4x Wheels
  • 6x Axles (4 inch)
  • 1x Stop clip (yellow thingy)
  • 1x Base Plate
  • 2x Tire rubber bands
  • 4x Zip Tie
  • 2x 3M Control Strip
  • 1x Magnets
  • 3x Rubber band- colorful
  • 4x Eyebolt (9489T514)
  • 8x Nuts
  • 1x Wood block
  • 1x String
  • 1x 2" Binder clips
  • 1x 1 1/4" Binder clips
  • 3x Straws


Experienced STEM educators, scientists, and educational researchers have developed the library of PocketLab activities. US university professors and researchers have also developed AP-level and university-level experiments that dive deep into physics and engineering concepts. You can find all of the lessons on the PocketLab Educator pages.

Specific PocketLab Advanced STEM Kit Activities can be found at these links:

- Build a Sail Cart and Measure its Linear Motion

- An Experiment in Energy and Momentum

-Building and measuring a Half-Atwood Machine

- Study Newton's Second Law with a cart, ramp, and pulley (another version of the Half-Atwood Machine)

- Learn about magnetism with a magnetic Minesweeper Game

- Study Newton's Second Law with a cart, ramp, and pulley

-A Momentum Conservation Experiment for Inelastic Collisions

-A Classic Conservation of Momentum Experiment

-A Conservation of Momentum When Two Carts "Explode"

-PocketLab on a Oscillating Cart

-Investigation of Damped Harmonic Motion

-Experiment in Rotational Dynamics that Emphasizes the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

-A Quantitative PocketLab Study of Momentum, Impulse, Force in the Collision of Two Carts

- Measure weight using a sealed plastic bag and pressure sensor

-Investigate ratios and proportions with a sealed bag

- Go for a hike and explore altitude

- Study the angular momentum of a spinning figure skater

- Learn about highway safety by building a crash cushion for your cart and measuring impact

- A Study of Rolling Resistance

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