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SparkFun Weather Station for the BBC micro:bit
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Product Description

SparkFun Weather Station for the BBC micro:bit

The SparkFun Weather Station is a full weather station kit that is built on top of the weather:bit carrier board. It includes our tried-and-true Weather Meters and Soil Moisture Sensor, so whether you’re an agriculturalist, a professional meteorologist or a hobbyist, you will be able to build a high-grade weather station powered by the BBC micro:bit. You can even talk via wireless communication between two BBC micro:bits with this kit to be able to monitor the weather without being exposed to it!

Inside each Weather Station you will find all the components required to build your BBC micro:bit into a go-to weather sensor; the only parts not included are two AA batteries and the BBC micro:bit itself. Simply add your own BBC micro:bit to the provided weather:bit, assemble the kit, and you will be ready to start sensing. The SparkFun Weather Station is a great way to get your feet wet in high-grade sensors — just not literally; that’s the weather:bit’s job!

The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone curious about weather-sensing technology or the BBC micro:bit.


  • 1x SparkFun weather:bit
  • 1x Weather Meter
  • 1x SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor
  • 1x SparkFun OpenLog
  • 1x Waterproof Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Battery Holder - 2x AA
  • 1x Pocket Screwdriver Set
  • 10x Jumper Wires

Note: The SparkFun Weather Station does NOT include a BBC micro:bit. The BBC micro:bit board will need to be purchased separately.

You can purchase the BBC micro:bit here
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