Elecfreaks Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit

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Elecfreaks Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit
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Product Description

Elecfreaks Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit

Elecfreaks Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit is a special kind of breakout board. It can lead out GPIO ports, serial ports, IIC ports, and SPI ports from the BBC micro:bit board. The biggest feature is that it can switch electric level for some GPIO ports, which makes the BBC micro:bit available to be adapted to 5V sensors.


  • Input voltage: 3.3V(powered by the edge connector on the BBC micro:bit)
  • Extend all of GPIO ports(P0~P16, P19~P20)
  • Beneath each I/O port, there are pins for VCC and GND. 
  • These pins are differentiated by different colors, which enable you to connect your extension module easily.
  • With a voltage boosting module, you can shift the working voltage of P8, P9, P11~P16 between 3.3V and 5V through the voltage switch.
  • When the voltage switch is at the end of 3.3V, the max current of octopus:bit depends on its power method. 
  • When powered by USB port, the output current is 90mA; when powered by PH2.0 battery port, the output current depends on the battery power ability.
  • When the voltage switch is at the end of 5V, the maximum output current of 5V part is 500mA.
  • Lead out serial port, I2C port and SPI port, among which I2C can connect 3 channels of I2C devices and SPI can connect 2 channels of SPI devices.

Note: The Elecfreaks Breakout Board does NOT include a BBC micro:bit. The BBC micro:bit will need to be purchased separately. 

You can purchase the BBC micro:bit here

Awesome service with super fast delivery. The chat option really helped me choose the products, know they were in stock and would be delivered in time. The items were posted the same day and I couldn't believe it when they arrived from Perth to Melbourne in 3 days! Thanks for your wonderful support - our students were able to complete their robotic projects in time.
Nicola Bailey - Nov 2020

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