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3D Printing STEM Kits - Tracer Racer

3D Printing STEM Kits

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Product Description

3D Printing STEM Kits - Tracer Racer

Tracer Racer, design and print a pencil holder that will transport a pencil on their tracing car around a trace course without the pencil falling off.
The student with the lightest pencil holder that successfully completes the tracer course wins!


  • Tracing carTracer electronics kit
  • Student workbook
  • Base STL file (students build their design upon the base STL file)
  • Example concept STL file (to 3D print and assemble an example project)
  • Teachers guidebook

Example STEM class lessons include

  • Electric motors (how they work etc.)
  • Electronic circuits (components & IC's)
  • Sensors (light sensors)
  • Mathematics (velocity, distance/time etc).
  • Physics (basic principles such as gravity, centre of gravity, forces etc).
  • Vehicle safety (importance of seatbelts etc).

* Kit excludes batteries

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