Dexter BrickPi3 Starter Kit

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Dexter BrickPi3 Starter Kit
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Product Description

Dexter BrickPi3 Starter Kit

BrickPi is best for someone who already has LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors and motors. The BrickPi connects to the Raspberry Pi, and replaces the MINDSTORMS Brick (brain of MINDSTORMS system). BrickPi helps you do more with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® by connecting LEGO sensors and motors to the Raspberry Pi.


  • Connect 1 of many Grove Sensors.
  • Connect up to 4 NXT or EV3 motors.
  • Connect up to 4 NXT or EV3 sensors, both digital and analog.
  • Battery pack powers the Raspberry Pi – and the whole robot.
  • Libraries available in languages such as Python, Scratch & Java.
  • Connect your LEGO MINDSTORMS robot to the web to control it remotely or integrate other internet services and data.
  • Attach your LEGO Technic bricks to the BrickPi case to build an awesome robot!
  • More processing power
  • Program in other languages (such as C, Python or Scratch)
  • Interact with the web (web services, stream data somewhere, control remotely)
  • Integrate wi-fi
  • Integrate other 3rd party sensors


  • BrickPi3 board
  • BrickPi Upgraded 6-sided Acrylic Case
  • Battery Power Pack (8AA batteries not included)
  • microSD Card
  • Latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Raspberry Pi 2.5A Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor

Required for assembly but NOT included

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors, motors, cables & technic parts
  • Tiny (jewelry-sized) phillips head screwdriver is recommended for assembly of the case.

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