Robotis DARwin-Mini

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Robotis DARwin-Mini
The DARwin Mini Humanoid Robot Kit is a fully programmable robot construction set with smartphone connectivity.

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Product Description

Robotis DARwin-Mini

The all new DARwIn-Mini can be controlled by smartphone and by voice command. Its parts are also 3D printable and the bot’s software is open source allowing for free distribution in your school and unlimited modification. Its parts are 3D printable so you could easily 3D print different coloured feet, hands, or legs with vibrant filament colours to personalise your bot! DARwIn-Mini also has neat embedded LEDs to enhance its activities. You can use the bot with the pre-programmed features on the mobile app or program DARwIn-Mini yourself with the easy-to-use, C-based RoboPlus software.

This humanoid robot features an OpenCM9.04C microcontroller with 17 Dynamixel XL-320 smart servos for full muscular articulation. The robot includes a Bluetooth communications module and a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Each Dynamixel XL-320 servo includes colorful LEDs that can be enabled for fun diagnostic feedback.

The DARwin Mini Robot can be programmed over Bluetooth with a C like language using the Robotis RobotPlus software. This humanoid robot can also be operated from most smartphones using gestures and voice commands.

This robot construction set is compatible with parts from other Bioloid sets such as the Bioloid STEM to enable endless creativity.


  • Maintains compatibility with the 6mm grid OLLO (Robotis Dream) Frame
  • Applies the small Dynamixel XL-320 for various motion functions
  • Offers the ROBOTIS DARWIN-MINI Exclusive App (supports Touch, Gesture, Voice Recognition, and Messenger)
  • Easily program your robot using the free RoboPlus! Software.

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