Focus on Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 1

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Focus on Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 1
An excellent Primary and Early Years teaching resource

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Product Description

Focus on Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 1

Focus on Bee-Bot is purpose designed to enhance the use of the Bee-Bot robot in lessons right across the curruculum. Full of imaginative primary lesson plans and challenges, Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 1 is based on eight popular Bee-Bot activity mats including: Alphabet, Money, Race Track, Shapes and Colours, Busy Street, Treasure Island, CVC and Number Track. Included in the program is the ability to build and save a 3D world for Bee-Bot. Learn about control and directional language by programming a sequence of moves on-screen.

Bee-Bot Lesson Activity programs will enable you to cover four of the five subject content areas at Key Stage 1 level:
  • Understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions.
  • Create and debug simple programs.
  • Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.
  • Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

Bee-Bot Mats featured in the program

  • Alphabet
  • Money
  • Race Track
  • Shape
  • Busy Street
  • Treasure
  • Island
  • CVC
  • Numbers

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