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What is Swivl?Swivl Robot

The Swivl robot turns your tablet or smartphone into a portable automated video camera. Swivl follows you and can stop to focus on whiteboards or other presenters when needed. Swivl is portable and provides the ultimate presentation delivery tool, anytime, anywhere!

Why Swivl?

Video is a powerful tool but simply watching a video is a passive experience. Swivl makes it easy for teachers, students and administrators to capture video to share with others and Swivl software includes features to make your videos an interactive experience.

Swivl is a three-part solution.

1. Swivl Capture App - The Teams app is FREE and available on iOS and Android. The app allows users to easily capture video alone or video paired with presentation materials. Videos captured with the app are sent to Swivl Cloud. There's also Teams Pro that is a paid annual subscription that provides you with more analysis and collaborative funtionality.

2. Swivl Cloud - This FREE service provides unlimited storage space and sharing capabilities. Users can access videos at cloud.swivl.com to share with others via email, public URL or embedded into other platforms.

3. Swivl Robot - The robot enhances video capture by automatically following the movement of the marker and capturing high quality audio using a built in microphone.

What are the benefits of using Swivl?

Teacher Growth and Reflection - Teachers can focus the video recording on their students or on themselves. Then they can review the video, add personal notes at specific moments, switch audio channels to listen to different students, and summarize the main points to improve the next day.

Self-Directed Learning - Encourage student-ownership of learning by allowing students to create, share, and reflect individually or in groups.

Productivity and Effectiveness - Keep students engaged through playlists aligned to support material with online note-taking and discussions
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Swivl Robot Parts & Accesories

Swivl Robot

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