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Darkly LabsWe are a Melbourne-based startup, creating affordable laser cutters for everyone.
  • Emblaser 2: The Emblaser 2 can cut, mark or engrave cloth, cardboard, paper, leather, wood, plastics and so much more. A true 3D cutting & engraving machine, the Emblaser 2 allows you to achieve different levels of depths and details.

We've recently added a new laser cutter & engraver to our collection, and with that we decided to see how each stack up.

Please note: The Emblaser Core is not suitable for School Environments

Emblaser Core VS Emblaser 2 Brief Comparison Chart


Emblaser Core

Emblaser 2


Product Dimensions 720 x 530 x 230mm 540 x 720 x 200m,
Material Capacity 500 x 300 x 50mm (Pass-thru in sides allows for larger material pieces) 500 x 300 x 50mm (Limited material size to workspace)


Focus Factory pre-focused Factory pre-focused
Laser Unit Type Solid-State Diode Solid-State Diode
  5 watts, 445nM 5 watts, 445nM
  Equivalent to 15-20watt CO2 laser Equivalent to 15-20watt CO2 laser
Classification Class 4 (Requires safety eye-wear and attention to safety) Class 1 (The safest laser device rating available)


  Supplied as a kit and needs assembly Fully assembled and tested machine
  Automatic laser height. (Software controlled) 3D Cutting & Engraving (Fully Software Controlled)
  Wifi & USB Connectivity Wifi & USB Connectivity
    Camera for material alignment
    Fume Extracton (Built In)
    Internal Workspace Lighting

Darkly Labs

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